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guys in this video I'm cooking a snack that is going to be very delicious for kids. in fact each and everyone offers nose about our kids hungerness when they return from school.

after the afternoon lunch in the school kids will come home at 4 o'clock in the evening so this four hours of time is very crucial for them. so if you give the nutritious food at this point of time kids will be very happy and they will not starve.

I am doing Challa punugulu which is a very easy and famous dish in india.

first you need to add half bowl of chickpea flour or senagapindi in telugu. then half bowl of Upma rava. then add some salt add some oil. switch on the star and make it like a paste in 10 minutes.

and you need to let the paste get Cool down for another 10 minutes. the new need to make this paste into balls and drop them to hot cooking oil. Now add your favourite sauce and enjoy eating.

this is very easy to cook and you should keep it for your kids wear they are hungry they will definitely enjoyed with the sauce.

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