Can you feed your baby with fish in a house where cats live?


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If you do not distinguish between your baby and your cats, you can feed them all at the same table. This is how we teach our baby both the love of animals and the beauty of sharing. Which do you think ate the fish more hungrily? Cats? Baby?

Animal love is formed at an early age. At the earliest age. While still a baby. Our cats have never left our baby alone since the first day he was born. Because we raised these cats, whom we rescued from the street and adopted, with love. Cats falling in love with the baby of the woman who saved them. You don't have to abandon your cats when you have a baby. Baby growing up with rescued cats.

This mother is raising her newborn baby together with the cat she rescued years ago. This mother puts her baby and cat to sleep at the same time. This mother never distinguishes between her baby and cat. Years ago, this woman dreamed of a baby and bought a baby's bottle. This cat survived thanks to the baby's bottle bought for this baby 2 years ago. Years passed. Now this woman will raise her baby with these cute cats. With love. They are not just cats, they are like my own children.
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